School Information

About Our School
Citrus High School is one of the most beautiful schools in the Porterville Unified School District, the campus sits on a 10 acre site on the north east side of Porterville, just half a block west of Los Robles Elementary School on Mulberry.
The campus is an extremely safe and beautiful place for students to learn. The school staff and the district work together to maintain Citrus as a peaceful retreat for students to focus on education and success. Students are involved in the development, design and construction of many projects at Citrus and take pride in their campus.
Students at Citrus High School engage in the core academic classes and take part in a variety of elective programs leading to career and life skills. Through the expanded education program, students are encouraged to volunteer and intern for various non-profit organizations and commercial businesses. At Citrus, the focus is on preparing educationally and practically for a successful future.