Citrus High School’s 10 Core Values and Beliefs

“Winning Students Hearts and Minds”

  1. CHS believes in all students and their potential to learn at high levels despite their academic and personal challenges.  
  2. CHS values unity and professionalism.
  3. CHS staff works collaboratively while maintaining a sense of urgency, fun and positive interdependence.
  4. CHS teachers present lessons that are academically sound, engaging and high interest.
  5. CHS works to identify, acknowledge and reward appropriate student behavior.
  6. CHS strategically uses “capturing kids’ hearts,” “restorative justice,” and “positive behavioral intervention” to help develop a platform of connection and/or intervention with students.
  7. CHS is proactive and actively seeks to intervene in all students’ lives in order to empower better choices.  
  8. CHS’ staff is professional, positive, congenial and nurturing toward one another and towards students.  
  9. CHS’ classrooms, campus and overall environment seek to promote positivity, respect, safety and comfort.
  10. CHS values respect, responsibility and industriousness for all students and staff.